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It is a young, promising and fast growing company! Products of Agate – are stable and high quality guaranteed ! World first novelty of European quality! A strong team is working on the quality of Agate products – plant manufacturer, team of trainers- teachers, laboratories that test the products, consultants and managers! The company is developing in two main areas – sales of Agate products and training for recent advances in Nail industry. This is both search and work with dealers and shops, work with coaches, creation a network of schools, teaching … and retail operations. And while all are speculating about what kind of a novelty it is – you are a valid professional master who not only owns the working skills with new materials and until all are interested and are learning – you are already leading workshops about new stable high-quality materials. Be the first and best with us !!! The company is actively looking for dealers, partners and teachers. Contact Us Email – info@www.agate.club tel. +37063371703 Lex. Professional Tools for manicure pedicure. To date, the manufacturer released seriuyu economy. Not expensive and affordable tool. Hand sharpening.

Manicure tools Staleks wholesale and retail: the quality of higher prices! Today, manicure tools – clippers, nail scissors, nail files – have in any home. Therefore, every person at least once in his life faced with a choice of a good manicure instruments. In addition, any self-respecting salon, hairdresser, image studio necessarily offer services nail care. And manicure and pedicure means necessary for quality and reliable tools. Trading network offers a lot of options from different manufacturers. What to choose – a personal decision. However Staleks offers a reasonable solution: buy a manicure tools of high quality at a relatively low price. Technology Staleks: production manicure instruments Manicure instruments production Staleks has long won the love and trust of consumers. We make our tool of high quality surgical steel, we sharpen all cutting parts by hand, adhere to the loyal pricing policy. All our developments are thoroughly tested in practice suggestions and constructive comments main consumers – professional nail art – we put into life. We offer to buy a manicure tools:

  1. manicure sets different configuration, sets covers are made of genuine leather, the design presented covers a wide range of
  2. nail scissors
  3. nail files of different hardness – for natural and artificial nails, for the treatment of gel and acrylic nails
  4. Clippers cuticle of different configurations and with different thicknesses Blade
  5. clippers to cut the nails, wire cutters to remove the ingrown nail
  6. Manicure scapula, including bilateral with hatchet
  7. tool to remove blemishes: Vidal needle, spoon Uno
  8. products for beauty salons

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