Innovations by Agate. The best forms.

The Agate Forms have been designed to be an easy-to-use learning tool for techs of all skill levels. The versatile design features two sculpting grids — one that can be used for traditional nail shapes and one that can be used for alternative nail shapes. Easy-to-follow numbers are visible when looking down the front or side of the form, helping to keep the nail length and shape consistent from nail to nail. The forms also include a helpful indication [...]


Gel polish step by step. 3+ Weeks of Wear!

3+ Weeks of Wear “Oh my perfect nails, I had them done weeks ago”. With Agate Agel polish offering 3 weeks of intense wear and shine, you’ll never have nail problems again. With over 120+ Agel polish shades available in Agate nails company, you’re covered from office meetings to champagne fueled parties.


About us! Agate nails – the success story!

Hi ! I am Zhana Balaush from Agate nails company!   Our philosophy! With LOVE to the ART! And we love our work, we love our customers… We’ve started out on our journey more than a 8 ago. Through the hard work and dedication of our employees – from the warehouse staff to chemical engineers – we have become nail fashion trendsetters. Our product selection has blossomed into one of the most varied in the industry, and now boasts more than 40 types of builder [...]