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Kolinsky is a market name of the hair, used for brushproducing. It is taken from an animal belonging to the family of mustelids. The hair has hues from light yellow to dark brown. The tips are very fine and the resilience is better even then that of squirrel hair. Russian producers do not subdivide this hair into several types in order to enlarge the assortment of brushes with the name “kolinsky”.

Siberian kolinsky is considered to have the best hair. It has unique characteristics. The maximal thickness of the racine is 0.15mm, what can be compared to thickness of hog bristle, and a tip is very fine, like squirrel’s one. One can work with thick paints as well as with watercolors. But kolinsky is not bagged in abundance – tails are not big, a racine is short. You can get only about 1.5 gr. of the material from one proper tail. It is enough for producing one big brush or three middle-sized brushes.

So called Korean and Chinese kolinsky is softer and more brittle. It has a longer racine, but the difference in the thickness along the hair up to the tip is not so evident. Treated well this kind of hair becomes hard to distinguish from kolinsky. But you have a possibility to buy our brushes with a marking “Master”, which guarantees the quality.


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