Callus Remover 355 ml- for apparatus and europinian pedicure


Callus Remover 355 ml- for apparatus and europinian pedicure


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Callus Remover gel for feet for a professional pedicure. Better results than, foot file, pumice stone, foot scrubber, foot buckets & callus shaver. Rid ugly callouses from feet in minutes!

If you are tired of having CRACKED, DRY, DEAD and UGLY feet you have landed on the PERFECT SPOT

Having bad feet is so embarrassing, it is one of the most unusual things to make you feel self conscious, so let’s DEAL with it.

Within 3-5 minutes you can have feet that look maintained and fresh out of the spa! Right in the comfort of your own home.

Join the THOUSANDS of happy customers and have the calloused free, sandal ready feet you are looking for.

Please just follow directions below.


Put Gloves on.

1.Apply callus remover to hard and dry callused areas (avoid soft skin), and let sit for 5-10 minutes

2. You can scrub with pumice or rasp while callus remover is on.

3. Rinse foot and use pumice stone or rasp to remove extra residue of callus remover and dead skin.

4. Repeat above process for other foot.

Note: Some peoples calluses may be worse than others, so repeat callus remover process as necessary.


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