Agate Nail File drop, 100/180 (sanitizable washable)

Agate Nail File drop, 100/180 (sanitizable washable)


Agate nail files are excellent quality, designed for professional and home use.
Abrasiveness of the Agatel file:
80 – the coarse abrasive, large grain size, is intended for acrylic and gel nails, such a rough file can be removed length, saw nails with correction, remove artificial nails.
100 – a hard abrasive for artificial nails made of any material, perfect for nail filing and length, shaping, correction.
150 – a soft abrasive for artificial and natural nails, is used to prepare nails for building, for polishing after a coarser sawdust, for shaping the natural nails.
180 – very soft abrasive, fine grain size of the nail file allows to grind the surface of artificial nails, very gently to file natural nails without exfoliating them.
Files can be washed and disinfected

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