1. Overall, customers, language 1.1 All offers (offered goods), contracts, deliveries and services on the basis of orders of our customers through our online store Agate (later online store), is subject to the reduced overall business conditions. 1.2 The proposed goods in our shop is aimed at both the private consumer and the entrepreneur. For the purposes of these general conditions of business, every consumer is a natural person, and “entrepreneur”, natural or legal person, 1.3 Terms and Conditions of the customer’s transactions do not apply, even if we do act on our part in the individual case is not a contradiction. 1.4 Contracts with customers are only in their language, ie, in the language in which the website is made, through which the customer has made their order. According to this, are the defining conditions of the transaction and the corresponding website. 2. Conclusion of Contract 2.1 All offers of our online store to nothing obliges. 2.2 After sending the order online (pre-registration and acceptance of the general conditions of Trade), the customer does hereby offer, which obliges him to buy the selected product. The customer is obliged to purchase the goods within three days from the later of the day after the order. 2.3 neposredsvenno after receipt of the order, the customer receives from us an order confirmation receipt, but that does not automatically is its adoption. An order is only accepted by us if we (by email) is sent to the customer Confirmed acceptance or immediately ship the order. 2.4 Every customer who is a consumer has the right, according to a special written explanation for the cancellation of the order, which is located on our website under the orders, the order to give up and send it back. In this case, the customer takes over the cost of the shipment. Shipping reverse the rate-mail DPD, DHL does not nourish us. 3. Pricing and Payments 3.1 Our prices include the legally established taxes on added value of VAT, but not the cost of peresylki.Kazhdy customer himself pays taxes chosen by the type of payment: PayPal, bank taxes and (or) customs. 3.2 If nothing else clearly and clearly negotiated, we deliver only after advance payment (in the manner specified in contract form), by e-mail, we will send the invoice to be paid. 3.3 Customer until not entitled to compensation or retention of the goods until the counterclaim is indisputable and has legal force. 4. Shipment of goods 4.1 We mail order according to the specified delivery time (day of receipt of the goods by us postal service), and the term may deviate from the specified and may exceed a maximum of 2 (two) business days. If the period is not specified, items marked “available on request” is sent no later than on the fifth day after the order (subject to paragraph 2, the permissible raprodazhi), and all other goods are sent within three weeks. The beginning of the period considered to be the day of receipt of the payment, namely, the full amount, including the tax on the cost and dovachnuyu stoimomst shipment. 4.2 Upon acceptance of an order marked “available on request”, we store the goods to the customer on request within five days. If payment for this time does not arrive on our account, we reserve the right to send the goods on rasrodazhu. Forward this product to other customers should also be for five days, but only for so long, naskol allow warehouse stocks. Otherwise, it operates a three-week period from the date of receipt of payment. 4.3 We have also retained the right to partial delivery (if the products mogut’ispolzovatsya separately) and are adopting in this case, the cost of shipment. 5. Shipment, insurance and responsibility 5.1 If loud and clear nothing else is stated in the contract, we reserve the right to choose the type of shipment and transport process. 5.2 We take full responsibility for the delivery of goods to the postal service. For delivery delay meets postal service. Thus, the type of shipment named in the online store, came to nothing obliges. 5.3 If the customer is a consumer, then during the transfer, he is responsible for the accidental loss of, damage to the goods, as well as the delay in the receipt of goods. In all other cases, the responsibility carries postal service. 6. Reservation of ownership 6.1 We reserve the title to the goods until its full payment, including tax dovachnuyu tax (VAT) and shipping. 6.2 The customer has no right to sell our products to the right to property, not having the our prior written consent. If possible perepodazhi customer sends us has thus the right to demand debt, up to increase the purchase price by 20%. 7. Guarantee, surety 7.1 If the goods are delivered to the damage, the customer has the right to require us to first repair the damage, and then deliver the new goods; if the customer is an entrepreneur, he has the right to choose between elimination of damages or delivery of a new product. This choice must be in writing (fax or email) within three working days. We reserve the right to refuse the choice of the customer, if it is associated with disproportionate costs on our part. 7.2 If, according to figure 7, we have our obligations are not fulfilled or they are a burden to our customers, the customer is entitled to (in accordance with his rights), withdraw from the contract, demand a reduction in price or compensation. For claims for damages are special order under the number 9 of the general conditions of trade deal agreement. 7.3 For consumer customers warranty period is three years from the date of delivery, in all other cases, twelve months. 7.4 Only valid for business: the customer must thoroughly review the item after receiving it. The delivered goods shall be deemed accepted by the customer, if we do not about the damage reported within five days after delivery or within five days after the establishment of the damage. 8. Warranty, responsibility 8.1 Our otvetstvenoost negligence during delivery (except for negligence) is limited to 10% discount on the selling price. 8.2 We are not liable (without exclusion of any legal reasons) for the damage to the goods during its prescribed method of use. The limitations of liability do not apply to intentional damage or negligence (tev this case, no discounts). 8.3 The restrictions of § 9 shall not apply to the guaranteed quality, the protection of life (body) and the health of customers and according to the law on product liability for the damage caused to the consumer using defective products. 9. Data protection 9.1 We have the right to maintain customer data that we need to process and execution of contracts (according to law). 9.2 We reserve the right to transmit data to the reference, if it is related to checking the creditworthiness of the customer, but the customer must be clearly agree with this. Without a clear agreement of its customer data, we do not share a third party, except our obligations are under the law. 9.3 The collection, transmission or other processing of personal customer data (other than the numeral 10 specified purposes), we are not allowed. 10. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction 10.1 The contract concluded between us and our customers is subject (subject) the administrative position of private international law by the UN contract for the sale of goods. 10.2 If the client is a merchant, a legal entity of public law.